Touyou No Chie

Eastern Wisdom

Touyou No Chie Jujitsu Aikido

"Touyou No Chie is not just a dojo we're a family." - Greg Champion


We started out in April 2010 in the studio of Sylvan Martial Arts.  Originally we were just a group of martial artists that needed a place where we could gather to train multiple times a week.  We were led by recent black belt then, Derek Baure Sensei, and we trained for several hours every weekend to hone our skills, improve our techniques and then became closer than just training buddies.  We became a dojo family. In our dojo family we try to work together to push our limits in a safe environment.  Because we care for each other our goal is to get stronger, faster, and more skillful without growing ego, being disrespect or inflicting injuries upon one another. 

Over the next several years  Baure Sensei studied Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology at San Jose State then continued his studies at St. Mary's College to achieve a Master's Degree in Kinesiology.  At this point Baure Sensei was able to take his teachings and training to a new level, combining the traditions from Japanese Arts and knowledge of western science to bring a modern approach to these training sessions.  He has coached several martial artists including 2 silver medalists at Jujitsu America National Tournament, several gold medalists at Mokomoko Invitational & Sacramento Valley Championships, and he also took gold medals in various black belt tournaments himself including being 2016 National Sports Jujitsu Champion. 

His experience and knowledge gives him wisdom that he is willing to share with all his students.  Not only has Touyou No Chie participated in martial art tournaments but also have joined in the Gladiator Run, Spartan Race, Beach Trainings, bowling events, movie nights and other fun outings together.  We're not just a dojo to learn self-defense or get fit, we're a family, ohana, we have fun and stick together as we grow together.