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Massage Clinic with Guest Instructor Mike Larsen

For only $20 you get to learn restoration arts and massage techniques to help heal injuries.  Fight muscle soreness and slow recovery time with the knowledge you will gain from this massage clinic.  The massage clinic is from Sunday September 10th from 1-4pm at the TNC dojo.  All profits will go to helping fund Sensei Mike Larsen's path to the Paralympics.  This dojo event is open to all friends and family members that want to get a massage.  For more information contact Sensei Derek Baure.


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Come join Touyou No Chie Martial Arts in Concord California.  We host a variety of classes martial art classes. We specialize in self-defense through Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and Aikido. At our establishment we offer fitness training classes in the form of Combat Conditioning.  This is a class that utilizes the fitness aspect from martial art training, the strength and speed exercises from kinesiology, and the fun in being in a positive group environment.  Come join the family at Touyou No Chie Martial Arts & become part of the Team TNC Ohana! 

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